In a session of dreams

Have u seen a ghost??

He doesn’t appear before you in the l0oking glass..

whispering the words barely thrilling our self down with fear…

but fear brought us hate..

and hate burns my heart deep down inside..

I’m walking the villain above the journey!

My villain, the ghost living in my head…

once, u gives me live, but failed…

There’s n0 limitation of the undying l0ve that remain for the edgeless tomorrow…

In a session of dreams,

I sing a s0ng ab0ve the m0untain!

I play the rhyme under the sea…

Where you gives me the best silhouette that I could touch by my bare finger n feel your skin underneath,

and taste the clean heart of yours…

But, it’s an hour before the sun

“Always be the face before my eyes…And softly lead me h0me to my unconsciousness”


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