Abstract of my Paper


Rivaldi Prasetyo Amanda, 2009 “COMPETITIVE STRATEGY’S EVALUATION OF MAILING PRODUCT AT PT.POS INDONESIA IN ORDER TO COMPETE ELECTRONIC MAILING” Study Program of Marketing management Economic Faculty Diploma III Program in University of Padjadjaran.
The research implemented to knowing the purpose of competitive strategy of mailing product, to know what products of mailing service are, to know the implementation of competitive strategy at PT.Pos Indonesia, to know several factors that support and some that resist. And to know the results of competitive strategy at PT.Pos Indonesia that has been obtained.
The research method is descriptive that depends on the actual ongoing problems in the company and get the broadly picture about the company in implementing the competitive strategy in order to compete the electronic mail.
Based on the research, found that the purpose of competitive strategy of PT.Pos Indonesia is to maintain the recent market, to open new market, and to be leader and barometer of mailing and logistic service. PT.Pos has mainly service in mailing, among the express pos, International draft Pos, recorded Mailing Pos, Express mailing courier, mailing room, and pos-express. And PT.Pos Indonesia has several kind of strategy, first Long-term strategy which more emphasis on the planting the brand-awareness and makes writing mails cultures for the youth by make event that involve kids. And the short-term strategy is planning some promotion strategy that issued policy of point reward for the costumers by gift and merchandise and applying the PRISMA”perangko identitas milik anda” stamp that filled with pictures which is demanded by costumers. And the main strategy is Focus Corporate that concentrating product of business mailing service and provide more facility to Business costumer by applying Mailing room. The last strategy is improving the performance and capability, by making 2 main programs, that ‘s would be service excellent and physical evidence that increase the performance of front liner and physical appearances of PT.Pos Indonesia. PT.Pos Indonesia has some Factor that supports to compete the electronic mail, that would be the status of PT.Pos Indonesia, which is one of the company’s state-owned, the guarantee of the sending mail from PT.Pos, and the ethic of official communication between company and the relative and the development that have not been evenly, while the barrier’s factor is the now-on Indonesian modern cultures that resist the conventional mailing behaviors and less of writing and reading behavior. Technology is one of the resistor, lack of promotion and the large cost of operation than the electronic mail. And the result of implementation of competitive strategy at PT.Pos Indonesia, is they gain plenty of business mail as an hybrid business area and successfully implement the program with focus on the company mailing room.

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