Inner Light

come and see the whole brights it used to be
within the night it blossoming again
beyond the dark it fell perfectly through the pain

come and hear what it sounds
but it cannot sings above the ground

it could only dances upon the shadow before the mirror
it could only sings underneath the surface of minor…
spot less viewed.

Need hours long it shall got look
it fled to recovered you whom shall not be took

but past years it turned black
it’s way too late, it’s never coming back


howling at the frightened moon

howling at the frightened moon

Howling at the frightened moon

some has left the dream in bleak

singing the no-rhyme

alone in a dream

in my dream, i ate my brain and spare my heart

i got lost somewhere

some place within the haze

serenity in the dark

as I moaning the divine tragedy

so I’m howling at the frightened moon

and leave the dream to bleak

late night tales

late night tales,

i sing some night wishes

to soar beyond midnight hymn

but millions eyes watching you

from the spotless window surrounds you

late night storm,

purple rain shows us some midnight poem

somewhere’s live the dreams

but millions eyes watching you

from viewless mind that haunt you

invitation of nowhere

are you there to keep me save?

upon the hill of limitless evening

twisted, that’s how my heart behave

restless nightmare that never-ending

               could i be there to keep you save?

               are you ok? pale is your face, in skins of hollow

               but you are there so beyond the grave

               outta window began hardest to follow

a minute before i left

a minute of everlasting gaze

at a slight of tomorrow

there’s a mirage of haze

an exiled heart i’d love to borrow


but you demand to stay

become shade in shaped of ghost

knocking the door for all along the day

forced welcome i gave as usual host


are you gonna just stare?

I’m gonna leave this place in a wink

there’s a lot to share

but this place is too overwhelming

lagu iblis

numpang lewat

numpang lewat

ini adalah jalan menuju neraka

ini jalan kecil para iblis


numpang lewat

numpang lewat

manusia bernyawa tak boleh lewat


manusia ini masih segar

santapan yang sayang untuk di lewatkan


numpang lewat

numpang lewat

jalan pergi menyenangkan

jalan pulang mencekam


walau mencekam

numpang lewat

numpang lewat